About Us

COSTEP: Meeting Your Needs

The Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) is committed to providing unique and effective college readiness products and services to students and parents throughout Texas, regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic status, thus facilitating a student’s access to a post-secondary education and challenge a diverse student population to prepare for productive and rewarding careers.

Strategy for Success

In partnership with numerous South Texas Logical Education Agencies (LEA’s), and Community Organizations, COSTEP’s college readiness program offers a suite of customized products and services. COSTEP offers an interactive, hands-on approach to helping students and their parents financially prepare for college by educating them on how to prepare and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. The FAFSA process will determine the amount of financial aid a student is eligible for and also estimate what the expected family contribution will be in paying for college. Studies show that early college preparedness both academically and financially are leading indicators to a students success in completing college.

Historical Overview of COSTEP

The Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) was founded in 1972 by late U.S. Senator and Secretary of Treasury Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., and other South Texas political and community leaders. Each shared a deep concern for the economy of the region and agreed that the best way to impact the area’s future was through higher education. COSTEP, a non-profit organization, is an ideal partner providing financial aid assistance and information to college-bound students as well as their families throughout Texas.